The Leader in Medical Imaging

Neuroparticle™ Corporation is the fifth spinoff from Weinberg Medical Physics, Inc, an incubator specializing in medical imaging and image guided therapy. We have nine issued patents in the US and China, and 60+ patents pending. We are the only small company building interventional MRI systems.

Mission Statement


Neuroparticle is developing a non-invasive system capable of delivering and activating particles that can deliver diverse payloads (heat, electricity, kinetic energy, drugs, cells and nucleic acids) anywhere in the head with high spatial resolution. The system starts with an MRI that has been modified to non-invasively deliver particles to specific locations under imaging guidance with millimeter resolution. The second part is the sterile single-use dose of magnetic payload-carrying bio-degradable particles that can be administered systemically or intra-nasally and concentrated magnetically to specific regions in the head.

Our Team

Our staff is an experienced group of scientists, doctors and engineers who have created more than ten FDA-approved devices used by more than a million people in companies that have raised over $100 million.