Platform Technology

Therapy where it’s needed

NeuroparticleTM Platform for Image-Guided Non-Invasive Brain Delivery of Magnetic Particles.

The Neuroparticle team has developed the NeuroparticleTM platform based on expertise in MRI imaging, materials science and drug development. The NeuroparticleTM platform enables a wide range of product applications to provide medicine directly to diseased tissues that are not accessible with conventional therapeutic approaches.  Neuroparticle is initially applying this proprietary platform to create therapies that directly target ear, nose and throat (ENT) diseases. Company’s long-term goal is to use its technology to serve as a non-invasive alternative to brain cancer and other brain diseases that are primarily limited by the invasiveness of the procedure.

The NeuroparticleTM platform is comprised of two technological components 


Ultra fast

High resolution

Head size


Image anatomy and particle

Activate and manipulation particle

Real time manipulation

Targeted Delivery of Particles

Low Cost

Low Field

No Cooling

No Shielding

Non-invasively pushes particles into and through brain


Single-use shape-engineered mission specific microscopic magnetic devices

Highly-uniform microscopic particles

Pre-programmed biodegradability

Can be focally concentrated

Drill through tissue without damage

Can deliver drug or gene payloads

Bypasses blood-brain barrier

Can elute drug products

Can thermally ablate solid tumors

Can concentrate drug, cell, or gene products to a specific targeted location

Enables tunable drug elution for long-term dosing

Has features that enable quick rotation to break biofilm, drill through tissue

Particle-drug complex can be customized for many diseases

Proprietary Technology Platform

NeuroparticleTM has a robust global portfolio of intellectual property. These patents cover all aspects of the MRI and particle including:

  • Comfortable high magnetic gradients
  • MRI Particle focus
  • Particle drilling
  • Real-time imaging guidance
  • Particle and system manufacturing methods
  • Liquid crystal particles
  • Electro-permanent low-power MRI
  • Denoising

All intellectual property protecting the NeuroparticleTM platform has been developed and is owned by the company.

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